Inspired-Inspirations are an award winning small business who are very proud of the great comments and reviews listed below.

These testimonials are a direct result of the founders personally visiting over 1000 care homes, working with hard-to-engage residents, many with challenging behaviour, in order to design and develop the very best touch screen activity table experience.

“Simply put, we look for a twinkle in the eye and smile on the face.

This drive and the experience we pass on is behind the development and delivery of every touch screen activity table you buy from us.”

Stewart Bates, Founder & Director

Inspired-Inspirations is the leading supplier of interactive touch screen activity tables to the care sector in the UK

Read Our amazing 5* Reviews & Client Testimonials

Longueville Court Care Home part of Barchester

“Our brand new interactive table which was kindly funded by one of our resident’s husband. Mr Puplett is absolutely fantastic, thank you so much for this amazing gift to our home.
This interactive table (imagine a large tablet on wheels). This table can be played independently or in a group, it stimulates movement by inviting participants in all sorts of different fun activities such as popping bubbles, quizzes, exercises, colouring in pictures, YouTube concerts, Zoom and much much more. The table is robust and portable and gets updated weekly with different apps. We have been using this table on a daily basis and it’s getting used constantly.  Not sure who enjoys it more our staff or the residents
The benefits of the Interactive table has been shown to improve residents mood, and greater physical, social and cognitive activity, and positively impacts on relationships with care staff, friends and family.”

Michaela, Activities Lead, Longueville Court – Barchester

Limecourt Care Home

“Our Interactive Touchscreen Table is an exceptional and versatile tablet.  We love that it is portable so everyone at our Care Home (being in the lounges or in their rooms) can benefit from using this.
From connecting families with video calls to loved ones, reminiscence, brain training word games, music on Youtube, on-line interactive quizzes, sensory applications, the list is endless.
We have even used this to connect to a live virtual singalong across the county and to keep-fit sessions on Youtube.
We would highly recommend this to everyone in Care Homes.”

Sarah Meachen, Lifestyle Coordinator, Limecourt Care Home

Woodlands Meed SEND School & College

“As part of our multidisciplinary tool kit we have just purchased two Tiny Tablets from Inspired Inspirations. The process of purchase could not have been smoother. Our initial enquiries were handled efficiently and followed up immediately. From placing the order to delivery was a mere six days!

Stewart who I dealt with from the beginning has been approachable and knowledgeable. He responds to emails in a timely manner and was a good trainer in the one to one session that we had, both enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his product.

The tablets themselves look great in the classroom with their jigsaw-designed frame and could not be easier to use. The instructions that come with them are clear and there are pre-loaded useful apps to get started immediately. They are easy to manoeuvre and adjust so that they are completely accessible for all of our students.”

Gail Gale, Lead Teacher, Woodlands Meed SEND College

Watlington Care Home

“I am an activities coordinator at a care home, we received our table a couple of weeks ago and our residents are absolutely loving it.

The table offers endless varieties of entertainment from interactive touch, finding significant places to an individual on Google earth, colouring, jigsaw puzzles, watching videos and hundreds more!

I highly recommend this product to anyone who is thinking about purchasing on, it has been highly beneficial to everyone within our home!”

Rebecca Major, Activities Coordinator, Watlington Care Home  Oxfordshire

Clayburn Court Care Home part of Anchor

“We would like to thank you so much for the generous gift of the touch screen activity table, the smiles and enjoyment it has brought to our residents has been priceless. 

We have found the cottage where two of our ladies used to live at in their little village on google earth which then brought on lots of conversations and reminiscing with each other and staff. We learned so much more about them which was truly amazing.

The staff here at Clayburn court are also very invested into getting as much as we can out of the use of the touch screen activity table and making our residents smile. The training you provided to make sure we are using the table to its full potential has been excellent and you’re available for guidance and advice makes all the difference. 

Thank you again from everyone at Clayburn court.”

Gwen Sellars, Deputy Manager, Clayburn Court Care Home

Blossom House Care Home

Tania Edwards, Registered Manager, Blossom House Care Home  Worcestershire

Lambton House Care Home

“Lambton House Care home in County Durham is a dementia specialist residential home for up to 57 residents. Lambton House currently has 3 activity coordinators and the home is a member of NAPA. Our team strive to increase and enhance our person centred care and stimulation with group and individual activities for our residents.

We purchased our Interactive Activity Table from Inspired Inspirations in the summer of 2021. The Table has already proved to be an invaluable asset for our activity team and more importantly has proved beneficial to residents on a group and personal level. Our team use the apps to give residents access to digital stimulation on a daily basis.

By example, The Google Earth app was used for one resident who had not seen his brother for several years, to view his brothers home and surroundings in Australia for the first time. The joy of this personal connection was obvious.

The large screen is invaluable for residents with vision impairments. Quiz’s, puzzles and music therapy are all easily accessible via the table apps and this promotes group activity and involvement. The table has proved to be a great acquisition for Lambtons residents. Families and other stakeholders view it as a prime indicator of our commitment to person centred care and stimulation.”

Glen Pickering, Marketing, Lambton House Care Home

Llys Cadfan Care Home

“We received the Tiny Tablet this week at the moment every one has had so much fun working out how it works and all the amazing things we can do on it.

We have already played a few games. I have booked some of the staff on to the zoom Project Well-Being lessons so we can see every thing else we can do with it but at the moment we are all very impressed.”

Katey McMullen, Registered Manager, Llys Cadfan Care Home  Gwynedd

Hunters Down’s Care Home

“Residents have been loving the interactive table. They enjoy playing games with other residents and staff. The table has given them the opportunity to play sports that they’ve not played in a long time. It is also a great tool for reminiscing and revisiting the past from watching old footage of their favourite artists to using Google Earth to come back to their childhood home. It is reassuring to know that it has allowed us to offer more resources to entertain our residents, especially during this time. We are very grateful for the additional comfort and joy this interactive table brought to the home.”

Kristine, Lifestyle Coordinator, Hunters Down’s Care Home

Primrose Croft Care Home

“Rheola care home took part in the virtual training and found it very informative and could not wait to get started, the trainer was extremely enthusiastic and this made us even more excited to get started.

Barbara a resident at Rheola told us it has made such a difference to her especially with the current situation with Covid as she is able to use Google earth and search places she has been and also take virtual trips which is amazing.

It has made such a difference to everyone in Rheola as it is so versatile that we can use it with every single resident, even those that are living with Dementia are making full use of it and we are finding that it is having such a positive impact on their well-being.

Staff are really enjoying using the table too, the residents and staff are able to both assist each other which is wonderful to see, staff assisting with the technology side and residents teaching us about places and people.

We would recommend every care home to invest in this amazing activity table!”

Lizzie Driver-Edgar, Care home manager, Rheola Care Home

Limes Care Home Isle of Wight

Limes Care Home Isle of Wight

Having the interactive table is a great asset our activity programme. The variety of apps is fantastic for catering to the interests of all our residents, particularly our dementia residence whose faces light up at the fireworks app!

Eleni Dove, Deputy Manager

HICA Group

Interactive touch screen tables

Many of the homes across the HICA family have recently acquired interactive touch screen tables which are proving to be very popular with residents, with the options for many interactive games and everything from puzzles to music to sensory games, there are options to suit everyone’s interests. These tables are wonderful as they can help with problem-solving, hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity as well as the social aspect which helps residents to feel happier and relaxed. These tables have been designed specifically for use in care homes and their large screen, movability, adjustable angle and height make them very accessible both to individuals and to groups and they have been making both residents and staff smile. With the different options available they can also be tailored to an individual’s personal abilities and interests allowing our activity coordinators to create experiences that are truly person-centred.

HICA Group

Aliwal Care Home

“The Tiny Tablet is an amazing piece of equipment. Our residents LOVE it!!! For some of our residents, their sight is poor and they are now able to do word searches and play games thanks to the size of the Tiny tablet.

I personally feel that the Tiny Tablet is a brilliant idea. I have enjoyed using Google Earth with our residents. Being able to drop yourself into street view is such a wonderful experience as it really brings back memories for the residents and they are able to talk about where they lived previously.”

Michelle Fletcher, Deputy Manager, Aliwal Care Home

Pobl Group

“This week our 2 new Tiny Tablets arrived from Inspired Inspirations All set up and ready for rollout! Not only do these create additional interactive and stimulating activities for our residents, but also work as extra devices for large-screen video calls, keeping families connected.” 

Stuart Davies, Registered Manager, Pobl Group

Bryn Blodau Care Home

“We are all very pleased with the Tiny Tablet, it was delivered with no issues, including a simple and easily demonstration.

Since arriving it has been a great source of entertainment, the home page fish screen, the painting app and the customising music app.

We have only had this a few days, so still finding things out and learning on it but so far we are very pleased.

We may be looking at purchasing another one if we continue as we are so we don’t have to share between the residential and dementia side of the home as both are enjoying it.”

Tracey Gardner, Registered Manager, Bryn Blodau Care Home

Langwith Lodge Care Home

“Hi John the staff/residents are loving the Tables and the residents are getting great enjoyment.

Delivery also went smoothly, we were given full details of time and date of arrival.

We have now booked out 1.1 training session and looking forward to learning more about the Tables many thanks.”

Zoey Searston, Registered Manager, Langwith Lodge Nottinghamshire

Wrekin Housing Group

“The tables have been a massive success, our residents have really embraced the technology by playing games, doing quick puzzles, drawing pictures and undertaking brain training exercises. You can see the difference the tables have made to some of our residents too, they’re becoming more relaxed just by seeing their families and being able to speak with them more often, it’s lovely to see.”

Katrina Pooler, Events Coordinator, Wrekin Housing Group

Limewood Care Home

“We are delighted that the interactive tables have been so well received by our residents, having seen first-hand the impact that the tables are having, I can honestly say they’re a wonderful investment.”

David Barton, Activities and Events Co-Ordinator at Limewood Care Home 

Orchards Care Home, HC-One

“We would just like to drop you a quick note to say how much our residents and staff alike are enjoying using the new interactive tablet.  We have been using the tablet for bingo, hang man, word search and various puzzle games.  We also play music and watch different music videos from different eras – the residents seem to really get into this and sing along.  As the tablet is on wheels we are able to take the tablet into the rooms of residents who are unable to join in at group activities.   We would like to thank you for introducing us to this brilliant idea it has been well worth it and we look for to many more activities and learning how to use it for other activities.” 

Michelle Bull, The Orchards (HC-One), Birmingham

Ashtree House, Lincolnshire

“Our residents are really into the table, one resident loves who wants to be a millionaire game. She actually got all questions right won a million in her dreams! She also loves the scrabble and trivia quiz app. For the men they enjoy dominoes, watching sport ie Youtube videos. One man used to take his children to stock car racing so we put that on, also rugby. Residents enjoy the drawing apps and face timing their loved ones. New years eve a group of ladies enjoyed watching Andre Reiu in Vienna on Youtube because you can bring the table closer to see it is so much better than the tv. One lady yesterday said to me this table is so much better than watching tv!! I know it is making a difference to our residents at this very difficult time.”

Karen Bell

Park Manor care home, Ipswich


What an amazing day, the table is a massive hit, the residents and staff love it. Seeing residents that we normally struggle to get engaged in any activity are playing with it and enjoying themselves. Both residents and staff have been laughing and smiling all day which has been wonderful. This is defiantly money well spent, however, one problem the residents are arguing over who’s turn it is next!!!!!! Need to start fundraising for another one!!!!!

Nicola Rowland, Care Manager

Chaseview HC-One Care Home, Walsall

We are so pleased with our table tablet and we absolutely love the design. Some have said it makes it look more homely and the like the puzzle piece design around the tablet! Very clever. We are also amazed at the quality of the image on the tablet and are really enjoying the apps that you kindly provided a list of. Again, thank you for creating something so amazing that is easily adaptable for different individuals!

Paige Chapman, Activities Coordinator

Fitzwilliam House

“Our Tiny Tablet from Inspired Inspirations has made a massive difference to our home. Every single resident is able to access something on it and gives them a sense of independence. We use various game apps as well as Google Earth and BBC iPlayer to watch our favourite TV shows. And to top it off, it’s super easy to use especially after the super-efficient training and support given ” 

Amy, Lifestyle Coordinator, Fitzwilliam House

Primrose Croft Care Home

“The activities table has become a great part of our daily lives here at Primrose. All of our residents especially our dementia residents have had so much fun, playing games and dancing to music. Thank you so much for enriching our resident’s lives. ”

Rachel Pardoe, Manager, Primrose Croft Care Home

Hazelwell Lodge, Somerset

Care-Home Hazelwell-Lodge,-Somerset

Our residents now have the opportunity to have face to face video contact with close family & friends using the apps on the table, such as zoom. The size of the screen is perfect for poor eyesight & other communication difficulties. This is vital contact during these difficult times for our residents, bringing them comfort and joy. The games which the table comes with, have so far proven popular, particularly the sensory games, such as the bubbles & fireworks. We have also been able to download our favourites such as chess & ludo from the games store with ease due to its simple navigation. Our residents have more enriched stimulation thanks to the table.

Thanks again for the prompt delivery of the table. We are looking forward to it being a great interactive tool for all of our residents.

Chris Ochoa, Proprietor

Beechcroft Residential Home, West Midlands


We received our Inspired Inspirations table this week and our residents (and staff!) absolutely love it!! It’s been a real hit with all of them, playing games, watching films but most touching has been seeing those with dementia engaging with it. A little bit of joy for everyone in these sad times. We can’t wait to find out what else it can do!

Clare Liggins

Clarendon Hall, HC-One


“I just want to say a personal thank you for the touchscreen activity table, I did not realise before how much of a difference it would make to our Residents wellbeing.  On the day it was delivered the reaction that we got from Norman to the table was amazing and will stay with me forever, the smile on his face said it all.  So far we have used it on one to one sessions and I have some amazing photos of the reactions that the table has received which I shared with you.  These sorts of reactions are priceless and make our job worthwhile.  Another great success was when we used the table for a zoom call with one of our Residents Betty, she is partially sighted and had been struggling to use the small tablet when zooming with her daughter, the call was much more meaningful for them both and went down really well, Bettys daughter rang me after to thank me.  Thank you again for giving us the chance to be able to make more of a difference for our Residents.”

Nicola Walker, Home Manager, Clarendon Hall

Wood Croft care home (Hafod), South Wales


We come across this amazing piece of technology when one of our other homes got one and straight away we were set on getting one for our residents in our care home. It didn’t take too long too gone and it was set up and ready to go in no time. It’s a really well-made table and has all the same things you would get on a normal size tablet it’s just so much bigger! We have had so much fun with this and not just the residents but for us staff too! We have used this for 1-1 activity doing puzzles and quizzes or painting etc and also in groups to do game show quiz types things like a wheel of fortune or deal or no deal. Word searches and crosswords the list of things to do are endless. We have sensory app s on there also which help bring down anyone that may feel a little agitated. We used it to play games and what videos or music Is staff members used it lately to learn dance routines with residents like tutorials and it was so much fun. I could go on and on. But overall this product has been a great success with everyone and we can’t recommend it enough. Thank you from all of us at Woodcroft care home starstarstarstarstar

Charlene Davies

Barchester-Hafan Y Coed. South Wales


We cannot recommend inspired inspirations enough, we approached the company to see if they were able to provide us with a sensory board for one of our residents who has a trust fund with Mencap. We liaised with Mencap and inspired inspirations to provide the most suitable product for our resident. Stewart was amazing and kept us informed from placing the order right up to delivery. Delivery was carried out following COVID guidelines which we were all very impressed with. Stewart has maintained contact with us here at the home and has been on hand should we need any support. We cannot thank the team enough for providing our resident with such joy in such a difficult time. Thank you again from all of the team at Hafan y Coed care home.

Katie Sheppard

Dolywern - Leonard Cheshire


We received our Tiny Tablet from Inspired Inspirations after a very detailed and informative demo from Stewart Bates. The Tablet was delivered, as promised, in four weeks after the order was completed. Our residents very much enjoy using the Tiny Tablet – some residents using it every day, with support from staff and volunteers, and one resident uses it into the evening, doing the jigsaws, which are very popular with all our residents. The Tablet is used for accessing the Internet including YouTube and other sites, watching videos of their favourite music and celebrities. Many of the games are accessed by residents, including the jigsaws, Wordsearch and the snooker game. The Tablet is a fantastic aid when you are working with a small group – you can read a PDF. Flash drive, prepared material, make the font as large as possible, alter the angle and height so that everyone can see everything.

Sylvia Jones, Activities Coordinator

Cwmcelyn Care Home (Shaw)


Cwmcelyn Specialist Service is the first service within Shaw Healthcare to purchase an interactive touch screen table from Inspired Inspirations, thankfully this was delivered at the very beginning of the pandemic.  As we know this time has been very difficult, especially as those residing within such a service were very restricted regarding everyday activities.
This tool helped on a daily basis with the motivation and lifting of individual moods and mental health presentations, enabling staff to utilise this table as a distraction technique as well as a calming, soothing and brain stimulation. Motivation is key within a Specialist Service, the team at Cwmcelyn thank those at Inspired Inspirations for the tutorials they provided for the staff here, to enable us to empower our service users.

Leanne Smith, Service Manager

Cwrt Enfys Care Home, South Wales


The Tiny Tablet has been such a welcome addition to our home, we’ve noticed that quieter residents who didn’t interact too much with others have suddenly been more active and more vocal. They enjoy playing games with each other and it’s even bought residents closer to each other and resulted in them making more friends. The fact residents have their own personal files saved on the device means that the device will have a record of their favourite games and also we can tailor games depending on their different levels of abilities.

Lindsey Davies, Home Manager

The Lawns at Heritage Manor


This amazing bit of technology is making a huge difference to our residents.

Melanie Dawson, Manager

Silvercrest Care, South Wales


Our residents love the activities we provide in the homes from baking to gardening but technology has developed so much we wanted residents to embrace this to the fullest. It’s a special moment when you see children visiting their grandparents in the care home and showing them the latest game, story or music or even helping them use the Tiny Tablet. We are glad we have invested in Tiny Tablets as you can see how it’s helping the residents in many ways.

Rhiannon Ward, Manager

Digby Manor Residential Care Home, Birmingham


We recently purchased an interactive table for our care home. It has gone down excellently with the residents and it was a Godsend for the lockdown period.

Families have Skyped their loved ones to keep in contact and it has been an excellent tool for our residents with Dementia. The variety of games really engaged the residents and we have seen a big improvement in their overall mental well-being.

We initially had a demonstration, which really whetted our appetite as the residents really engaged with it. Then once purchased the team at Inspired Inspirations gave a full demonstration on how to charge the unit and its full capability.

We have been very happy with the after service as well when we’ve had any queries regarding using the table. Overall we are very happy with the interactive table and the service that Inspired Inspirations have provided. Most importantly the residents love it. A***

Darren Somauroo, Director

Neuadd Drymmau Care Home


I wish to thank John and the team at Inspired Inspirations for providing us with our new interactive touch table. It has exceeded our expectations, since delivery the individuals living with us have benefited by being able to easily communicate and video call loved ones, play group games and lift spirit and morale during the pandemic. Now more than ever, a device like this is paramount for staying connected and peoples social well being.

The initial call, delivery of the touch table and after-sales support has only confirmed for me that Inspired Inspirations were the right choice.


Craighaven Care Home, Leamington Spa


John demonstrated the tablet to us at Craighaven and involved both the staff and residents in his demonstration. We were very impressed with the potential benefits to our residents and decided to purchase a tablet for the home.

John delivered our tablet personally, set it up for us and gave us a detailed explanation about how to operate it.

The residents have enjoyed many of the features on the tablet including personal music lists, Zoom meetings with families, on-line exercise classes and using the many games and apps available.

We are delighted with our tablet and look forward to using it even more in the future.

Liz Heritage, Manager

Oakland’s Care Home, Crickhowell

The interactive table is brilliant. It is a giant IPad and you can do anything on it.

We have used the table in various ways e.g. crosswords, animated fish tank, emails, training, google earth so much more. All of our visitors love it and they are often asking where did you get that and wow I want one.

We use it daily and would not be without it now, even the residents find it easy and fun to use. Thank you!

Sandie Evans, register manager

Bradeney House Care Home, Bridgnorth


Thank you, our interactive unit has now arrived, this is a fabulous piece of equipment, which provides great stimulation, enabling our residents to do so much more. From jigsaws, word-search, sensory, music, quizzes and much more.

Katrina Watkins, Home Manager

Plas Bryn Rhosyn Care Home, South Wales


This new interactive experience has been of great benefit to our long-term residential residents with mid to late-stage dementia, focusing on three primary outcomes of play: sensation, relaxation and reminiscence. Their interaction and engagement have increased since using the table.

It has also assisted some of our respite residents, where it has opened a new world of possibilities which can help promote and enhance their independence, resulting in the potential to be able to remain in their own homes for a little longer.

We recently had a visit from HRH Prince Charles and he was very interested to learn of the table and how beneficial it has been to the residents. Other dignitaries on the day were very pleased to learn that there are care providers like ourselves and companies like Inspired Interaction out there pushing boundaries to improve the quality of care and engagement for the benefit of those that require support.

Stuart Davies, General Manager

St Benards Residential Care Home, Solihull


An absolute asset to our equipment. When using the Tiny Tablet the residents are able to interact more with technology and learn through it.

Still taking into consideration each individual’s needs, we can personalise the use of the Tiny Table to them. From sensory sessions to movies, games, music, and most importantly keeping in contact with those close to us. Especially within this difficult time!

The equipment has allowed us to make even our 121 sessions fun and enjoyable for each resident, with the larger screen helping them to see, hear and interact better without frustration. Extremely reliable and easy to transport around the home.

Summer Marley, Activities Coordinator

Ellesmere House, Shropshire


We feel this tablet has definitely made a difference to residents communication and interactions skills which they tend to lose with dementia and has shown them new ways to express themselves. We have only had the tablet in the home a couple of weeks however have already seen a major improvement in the resident’s moods and interaction with each other.

Alisha Chavda, Home Manager

Bollingbroke House, Barnsley


“Yesterday afternoon we received our new ‘tiny tablet’ from Inspired Inspirations and we have spent this morning introducing it to the residents. Our residents have really enjoyed the different apps and games on the tiny tablet and we would highly recommend it to any other care homes. 😀”

Martin Fryer, Registered Manager

The Watermill Care Home, Walsall


We would like to say a massive thank you for supplying our Activity Table and let you know how much our residents are enjoying it. From watching England win the world cup in 1966 to drifting off to sleep listening to the mindful sound app there really is something for everyone! It a great resource for end of life care too as it is easily transportable from room to room. We have been downloading sing-alongs, playing computer games and one lady has even been doing some cross stitch on it.

Lisa Fisher, Reminiscence Coordinator

Albermarle Rest Home, Leamington Spa


The Albemarle staff and residents are very happy with the new tablet delivered by Brad as am I. To see residents’ faces when making a Skype call to their loved ones on such a big screen warms the heart and for the hard of hearing the mobility of the speaker is excellent as it can be placed closer to the individual using the tablet without disturbing other residents in the same room.

Lee Foster, Director

Eversley Care Home, Staffordshire

Over the last few days we’ve been playing and familiarising ourselves with our new Interactive table.

It’s like a giant iPad and it’s amazing !!

A huge thank you to inspired inspirations in Bridgenorth!!

The residents have embraced the technology and aren’t phased by it at all.

We’re still getting used to it at the moment and have already downloaded a few games which we think will be both enjoyable and beneficial to our residents.

The interactive games will stimulate both physical and cognitive activity and encourage social interaction which is very important and I’m sure will bring us all immense joy and lots of laughter in the future.

Lauren, Proprietor

Glennfield Care Home

“The Tiny Tablet has been a great asset to Glennfield to residents and staff, it’s like another lifestyle coordinator! We’ve enjoyed using it individually with residents and also enjoyed group activities with music, singing and quizzes. There is something for everyone on it to enjoy and staff love getting involved using it with the residents. The tiny tablet is versatile and can be moved easily around the home and is also a great addition during the night where some residents have difficulty in sleeping. We love our tiny tablet!” 

Katie Doiley lifestyle coordinator, Glennfield care home

PJ Neurological Care Centre, Cambridgeshire

“May I just say in the week that we have had our tables the use and the change in people is amazing

We have one resident who was a walker and on day 1 while we were setting up asked what we were doing and has been completing wordsearches and crosswords, another lady who doesn’t like to join in groups but loves jigsaws has been steadily completing harder jigsaws and is loving it it,

The residents are sitting around in a group to support each other and love using the google earth to share pictures of where they lived or favourite holiday destinations

In the first week we have it has had so much use and will benefit the residents for a long time to come”

Melanie White, PJ neurological care centre

Wood Care Group

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to your team.

The residents at all our homes in Wood Care Group have loved them and they have really inspired the care team to have some fun at work with the residents.” 

Andrew Wood, Director and Proprietor, Wood Care Group

The Rhallt, Barchester Healthcare

“The interactive tablet with all its sensory and puzzle apps was a big hit with our Castell Coch community. 

The large interactive tablet, which is fondly known as  “Tiny Tim” allows all the residents the experience of using modern technology. 

Due to its size and manouverability, the activities team are able to take the fun to the residents who may choose not to join us in communal areas.”

Sharon Herbert, General Manager

Springbank Care Home, Shaw Healthcare

“We have found the table very helpful and relatively easy to use. It has opened up lots of opportunities for our residents and staff we didn’t have before. Everyone is excited to see what it can do.

The training highlighted ideas and helped clear up those few questions I wanted to ask as well as giving me the confidence to explore the table more”

Julie, Well-Being Lead, Springbank care home part of Shaw Healthcare

Plas Crigyll Care Home

“Helo, bore da.

Just a few lines to let you know WE ARE REALLY ENJOYING  using the ACTIVITY TABLE with the residents here at PLAS CRIGYLL.

The range of activities enables them where ever they are in their Dementia journey to enjoy person centred activities which do not point out their deficits. 

The ability to mobilise it to anywhere in the building is also a plus.

We are looking forward to our training sessions in April which will enable us to gain more knowledge to make best use of the table.

Thank you for all your work in devising the table it is making a positive difference here in the short time we have had it.


Gwenlli, Plas Crigyll Care Home

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