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Carlingwark House

Tiny Tablet Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Carlingwark House

“I applied for funding from the Kavli trust. They run a community fund that is chosen by the workers of Castle MacLellan Foods here in Kirkcudbright to be of benefit to local communities. Carlingwark House won the top funding prize.

This was my application:

Carlingwark House caters for 30 residents of different abilities and cognitive impairments, including Dementia. We have a host of excellent resources for residents, including games, jigsaws, dominoes, quizzes and arts and crafts but as a newly appointed activities coordinator, I am struggling to offer activities for those residents with dementia or sight and hearing impairments. Some residents reside in a lonely quiet space inside their heads that my activities have not been able to access.

For these residents, I would like to be able to offer sensory experiences tailored to their specific needs to help draw them out of their shells and give them positive experiences. In this Pandemic Covid-19 time residents have needed to be isolated from friends and family and even restricted in their own homes; loneliness and isolation have become far too typical in there lives. I would like to change this by giving them sensory stimulation that they can do with staff and other residents and eventually family members to promote inclusion back into an interactive life.

The Tiny Tablets by Inspired Inspirations are accessible for a wheelchair or bedridden person; it stimulates the senses, often “awakening” those who may have become withdrawn due to their level of dementia. There are lots of ways to personalise their experiences, opportunities for reminiscing, sensory options, and games, to name a few. This Tiny Tablet can be moved into residents’ rooms or played as a social activity. I have enclosed a link to Inspired inspirations take a look it’s fantastic.

I look forward to hearing from you about my application.

We got our funding, and our Tiny Tablets have been with us for a few weeks now. The feedback we have gotten from residents has been wonderful. One lady we support took a look at Google Maps, and we went to the very Church she got married in, stood at the front gate, and took a look around; she was able to tell me about her feelings that seeing the church brought back, we then went to YouTube and played the song she had her first dance to and she was moved by her memories of her special day, she thanked me so much for allowing her to remember the best times which in turn made me so grateful I could share this wonderful experience with her. It made for a very special reminiscing session.

The residents, staff and families are finding new things to do with the Tiny Tablets every day and we all have so much fun.

I can recommend the Tiny Tablet to all care homes, it will only enhance your activity experience.”

Samantha – Carlingwark House Activity Coordinator