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Care Act 2014 & Using Your Tiny Tablet

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Tiny Tablets: Enhancing Care & Support Under the Care Act 2014

Welcome to the Future of Person-Centred Care

The Care Act 2014 is a significant legislative milestone in the UK that reshaped the landscape of social care. It consolidates and modernises the framework of care and support law, placing a stronger emphasis on promoting individual wellbeing, prevention and early intervention, and fostering a more collaborative and person-centred approach to care and support.

Under the Act, local authorities have a duty to provide individuals with the help they need to live as well as possible with an impairment, illness, or disability. This care and support isn’t just about providing services, but actively promoting wellbeing and independence, considering the whole person and their unique circumstances.

In essence, the Care Act 2014 seeks to transform care and support from a system that intervenes only when a crisis occurs, to a system that focuses on maintaining an individual’s independence and takes into account their needs and aspirations in the wider context of their life. It’s about creating a supportive network around individuals that includes not only the local authority, but also friends, family, the local community, and various service providers.


Step into the future of person-centred care with Tiny Tablets, your innovative partner for care and support under the Care Act 2014. Our cutting-edge touch screen activity tables are more than just an accessory, they are an integral tool designed to revolutionise how care and support is delivered and experienced.

Harnessing the power of technology, Tiny Tablets foster a proactive approach to personal development and wellbeing, making them perfect for individuals navigating through various life stages and circumstances. Our tablets are geared towards active participation, allowing individuals to tailor their experience based on their unique interests, abilities and aspirations.

With a diverse range of interactive activities, Tiny Tablets help maintain cognitive and physical function, potentially reducing the need for intensive care and support. They also serve as a secure and informative platform, providing vital information to help individuals make informed decisions about their care.

Not just a standalone device, Tiny Tablets facilitate integration with health and care services, promoting a sense of connectedness within the individual’s community. They ensure a seamless transition during life changes and provide a safe environment for users to explore, learn and connect.

Embrace the revolution in holistic, person-centred care with Tiny Tablets. Connect, Engage, Empower – all at your fingertips. Explore more about how Tiny Tablets can redefine your care and support experience today.

All tables come with a full 1-year on-site warranty, free installation & training – To learn more about our Tiny Tablets, reach out today!

Tiny Tablets are an innovative approach of using technology to improve person-centred care.

Welcome to our video on how tech-based activities are revolutionising care settings and enhancing the well-being of people in care.


In this comprehensive presentation, we dive into the world of Tiny Tablet touch screen activity tables and their profound impact on the lives of those in care settings.

Promoting Wellbeing with Tiny Tablets


At the core of the Care Act 2014 is the emphasis on promoting individual wellbeing, an aspect that our Tiny Tablets are uniquely positioned to facilitate.

Wellbeing is not just about addressing medical or physical needs; it is a holistic approach that encompasses a broad range of elements such as personal dignity, physical and mental health, emotional wellbeing, social and economic wellbeing, and control over daily life.

Our Tiny Tablets have been thoughtfully designed to deliver features that enhance each of these areas. They empower individuals by offering opportunities to stay connected with friends, family, and the local community, thereby encouraging social wellbeing. The interactive touch screen promotes cognitive activity and can be tailored to personal interests, thereby supporting mental and emotional wellbeing.

From a physical standpoint, the compact and user-friendly design of the Tiny Tablets allows for easy operation, offering individuals more control over their daily life. They provide access to information and services, which contributes to economic wellbeing by fostering independence and reducing the need for external intervention.

In essence, our Tiny Tablets exemplify the holistic approach to care and support that the Care Act 2014 advocates. By incorporating these tablets into your care strategy, you are not just adhering to legislative requirements, but truly embodying the spirit of person-centred care.

Care Act 2014 Person Centred Care

Enabling Active Participation with Tiny Tablets


Taking an active role in one’s care and support plan fosters a sense of empowerment and independence. This concept of active participation aligns seamlessly with the Care Act 2014 and is a fundamental principle that drives the functionality of our Tiny Tablets.

Our Tiny Tablets are far more than just interactive devices; they are tools for self-expression, creativity, and autonomy. Users can select activities that match their interests, skills, and goals, paving the way for truly personalised experiences. This flexibility can significantly contribute to overall wellbeing by promoting a sense of achievement, boosting confidence, and nurturing personal growth.

Each individual is unique, and so should be their care and support. By facilitating the choice of activities, Tiny Tablets respect this individuality, encouraging users to explore their passions, ambitions, and priorities. The end result is a care approach that goes beyond addressing basic needs, to one that truly celebrates and supports personal desires and aspirations.

By integrating Tiny Tablets into your care strategy, you’re not merely providing a service; you’re enabling your service users to actively participate and shape their care experience. This active engagement fosters independence and gives individuals more control over their lives, wholly embracing the ethos of the Care Act 2014.

Tiny Tablet Piano

Providing Valuable Information with Tiny Tablets


Information is power. It drives decisions, nurtures autonomy, and bolsters confidence. Under the Care Act 2014, the provision of necessary information and advice is an integral aspect of person-centred care. In harmony with this tenet, our Tiny Tablets are designed to serve as a potent source of personalised, relevant information, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their care and support.

The interface of the Tiny Tablets can be customised to present a wealth of valuable information, precisely tailored to the individual’s needs and preferences. From details about care plans, health advice, activity options to community resources, users can access a myriad of insightful data at their fingertips. This real-time, easily accessible information can be instrumental in aiding users to comprehend their circumstances better and thus make informed, meaningful decisions.

The Tiny Tablets go a step further by offering advice within context. Rather than merely providing static information, they facilitate understanding through engaging, interactive elements. This encourages individuals to explore, ask questions, and ultimately grasp the information more effectively, thereby enhancing their ability to make well-considered decisions.

Aligning with the ethos of the Care Act, Tiny Tablets reinforce the importance of transparency and clarity in care and support. They are not just devices; they are trusted companions in the individual’s care journey, providing pertinent information and advice to navigate their path towards optimal wellbeing.

Tiny Tablet care Act

Preventing Needs for Care and Support with Tiny Tablets


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This old saying holds true especially in the realm of care and support, where proactive measures can considerably delay or even diminish the necessity for more rigorous interventions. Echoing the preventative approach of the Care Act 2014, our Tiny Tablets serve as an invaluable tool in maintaining cognitive and physical wellbeing, thereby actively mitigating the need for more intensive care and support.

Tiny Tablets offer a suite of interactive games and exercises meticulously designed to stimulate both cognitive and physical function. Whether it’s a mind-bending puzzle game to keep the brain active, or a gentle exercise tutorial to encourage physical activity, each activity is crafted to promote ongoing engagement and wellbeing.

These engaging tasks not only provide enjoyment but also play a key role in maintaining and even improving an individual’s health. Regular interaction with the Tiny Tablets can foster cognitive agility, reinforce motor skills, and maintain physical fitness. This proactive approach to wellbeing can potentially delay the onset of various health complications, thereby reducing the demand for more intensive care.

Moreover, Tiny Tablets can house software which can serve as a constant, vigilant companion, monitoring the individual’s interactions and performance over time. This data can be analysed to provide early indicators of potential health issues, allowing for timely intervention and further contributing to the prevention of more severe care needs.

In short, with Tiny Tablets, you’re not just offering a tool for entertainment or engagement; you’re introducing a proactive partner in health and wellbeing, working in tandem with the preventative focus of the Care Act 2014 to ensure the best possible quality of life for each individual.

Care Act 2014 Care & Support

Fostering Integration and Connectedness with Tiny Tablets


In an increasingly interconnected world, feeling integrated and connected forms an integral part of our wellbeing. The Care Act 2014 underscores this significance by highlighting the role of integration within health services, social circles, and the broader community in fostering individual wellbeing. Our Tiny Tablets seamlessly align with this ethos, serving as a conduit of communication and a bridge to connectedness, thereby enhancing an individual’s sense of belonging and contributing to their overall sense of wellbeing.

Tiny Tablets function as a gateway to the world, enabling individuals to communicate effortlessly with healthcare professionals, family members, and friends, no matter the distance. This continual flow of interaction encourages an active exchange of information and emotional support, reinforcing the individual’s integration within health services and their social networks.

Moreover, the interactive features of Tiny Tablets extend beyond one-on-one communication. They offer a myriad of social applications, from group chats to online community forums, promoting interaction not only with personal networks but also with the wider community. Individuals can participate in group activities, share their experiences, and even learn from others, thereby fostering a sense of belonging within a broader community.

Additionally, Tiny Tablets have the ability to download a range of apps linking to local services and community events, encouraging individuals to explore and engage with their local surroundings. This helps to anchor individuals within their community, promoting their contribution and participation in local life.

In essence, Tiny Tablets serve as an essential tool in fostering integration within health services, personal networks, and the wider community. By cultivating this sense of connectedness, they significantly enhance an individual’s sense of wellbeing in line with the aspirations of the Care Act 2014. In the realm of care and support, Tiny Tablets are truly a touch of integration at your fingertips.

Fun and Fitness at Your Fingertips with a Tiny Tablet Touch Screen Activity Table.

Delivering Diverse and High-Quality Services with Tiny Tablets


An effective care and support system should be as diverse and unique as the individuals it serves. The Care Act 2014 emphasises this principle, urging the promotion of diversity and quality in the provision of services. Tiny Tablets not only align with this principle but actively champion it, offering a varied suite of applications and activities designed to cater to an extensive spectrum of needs, interests, and capabilities.

Tiny Tablets are a veritable treasure trove of diverse services. They come with access to an expansive selection of apps ranging from mind-stimulating puzzles and educational games to hobby-related activities and fitness exercises. This variety ensures there’s something for everyone, accommodating individual preferences, enhancing engagement, and enriching the user’s experience.

Quality is paramount in everything Tiny Tablets offer. The applications we provide are meticulously curated and regularly updated to ensure they meet the highest standards. Whether it’s health monitoring tools, learning resources, or entertainment apps, you can trust that Tiny Tablets deliver excellence in each swipe and tap.

Furthermore, our Tiny Tablets are designed to be adaptive, evolving alongside the changing needs and capabilities of the user. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, individuals can personalise their experience, adjusting settings to meet their specific requirements. From font sizes and screen brightness to accessibility features, every element is adjustable, ensuring a bespoke experience for every user.

Tiny Tablets aren’t just devices; they are your personal companions in the journey of care and support, offering a cornucopia of high-quality, diverse services tailored to your needs. By embodying the Care Act’s vision of quality and diversity, we deliver a unique and enriched experience, putting personalised care and support at the tip of your fingers.

The Ideal Mate for Transition: Tiny Tablets


Transitions, like moving from children’s services to adult care, can be challenging, filled with uncertainty and significant change. In such periods, Tiny Tablets prove to be more than just a device; they serve as a reassuring companion, providing consistency, familiarity, and comfort amid the shift.

Our Tiny Tablets seamlessly bridge the gap between different stages of care, making transitions smoother and less daunting. They are equipped with a rich library of activities that appeal to all ages, fostering a sense of continuity. Regardless of the changes in care arrangements, the activities, games, and applications that individuals have come to love and enjoy remain accessible, offering a touch of comfort and normalcy.

Moreover, the user-friendly interface of Tiny Tablets facilitates easy navigation and adjustment to new applications suitable for the new stage of care. This gentle introduction to adult care applications, coupled with the continued availability of their preferred activities, ensures the transition is not overwhelming, but rather an empowering journey of growth.

Tiny Tablets also serve as an excellent tool for maintaining records and tracking progress over time, particularly useful during transitions. They can store vital information, document progress, and carry forward key data, making it easier to manage the transition and maintain continuity in care.

Tiny Tablets are your steadfast companion during transitions, alleviating stress, encouraging growth, and ensuring continuity in the journey of care. They embody the Care Act 2014’s vision of a smooth transition, providing a consistent, comforting presence every step of the way.

SEN Touch Screen activity table use

Prioritising User Safety: Tiny Tablets


At the heart of our design ethos for the Tiny Tablets is a paramount commitment to user safety. We acknowledge and understand the significance of safeguarding individuals who utilise our technology, especially given the vulnerabilities associated with impairments, illnesses, or disabilities.

Our Tiny Tablets have been crafted meticulously to provide a secure and safe digital environment for individuals to explore, learn, and engage. They are equipped with the latest cybersecurity measures, ensuring that personal information remains confidential and protected from potential digital threats.

The user interface has been thoughtfully designed to promote safe and easy navigation. The customisability of the Tiny Tablets means that access to certain functions and applications can be controlled as per the individual’s needs and capabilities.

Our commitment to safety extends to physical aspects as well. Tiny Tablets are crafted with robust, non-toxic materials that are easy to clean and disinfect. They are built to withstand regular use and are ergonomically designed to minimise strain and discomfort.

Moreover, our dedicated customer support team is always on hand to address any safety concerns or issues that users might encounter.

Through these measures, Tiny Tablets ensure a secure, friendly, and enriching digital experience for users, perfectly embodying the Care Act 2014’s emphasis on safeguarding adults at risk of abuse or neglect. They provide a platform where individuals can engage, explore, and learn with peace of mind, knowing that their safety is our top priority.

Harnessing the Power of Technology for Holistic Care


As we navigate the intricate landscape of care and support in the 21st century, Tiny Tablets stand as a testament to the remarkable possibilities opened up by technology. Our touch-screen activity tables are not just tools; they are companions on a journey towards enhanced wellbeing, personalised care, and empowered living.

From promoting individual wellbeing, providing crucial information, to ensuring the safety of users, Tiny Tablets act as a comprehensive platform that resonates with the spirit of the Care Act 2014. They enable a level of active participation, autonomy, and social integration that truly revolutionises the care experience.

In the hands of individuals, families, and care providers, Tiny Tablets become a medium of connection, empowerment, and transformation. They are a bridge between personal needs and the vast potential of digital innovation, ushering in a new era of person-centred care that is inclusive, engaging, and effective.

So, join us on this pioneering journey. Explore how Tiny Tablets can enrich your life or the lives of those you care for. Experience the fusion of technology and humanity, where the values of the Care Act 2014 and the capabilities of modern technology converge to create a brighter, more connected future for care and support.

Remember, with Tiny Tablets, you’re not just getting a device; you’re embracing a holistic approach to care that sees the person beyond their needs and envisions a world of possibilities for wellbeing and independence.

Ready to see how Tiny Tablets can transform person-centred care in your setting? Schedule a video call in with us below.