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Vivo Care Choices Chester

Tiny Tablet Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Vivo Care Choices Chester

“We fundraised to order our Tiny Tablet through Inspired Inspirations, which we had managed to do over the last couple of years, and we have been really happy so far!

Our Tiny Tablet arrived quicker than expected, with all of Inspired Inspirations training and resources ready for us to get started.

My staff and I have had an in-depth training session with Stewart and a follow-up video call to overcome any challenges we may have faced, which I’m pleased to report we have had none. So far, it has been extremely positive.

On to how the service users have been reacting to the table. The only complaint I have had so far is, “how can I share the table out amongst everyone to keep it fair”…… Based. I have set up a weekly activity plan on this feedback to ensure everyone has a fair chance of playing on the Tiny Tablet.

I have 1 service user who comes in most mornings, if she is under-stimulated, then she will fall asleep for hours she is with us, which is a wasted opportunity. She gets the table for the first hour of the day when she is in and she thoroughly enjoys a whole range of activities.

I have been hesitant to introduce the table to my dementia wing, as they can often struggle with new experiences. Instead, I brought two of my service users who can often show the behaviour of concern. We enjoyed Google Earth tours together, and they really enjoyed revisiting places they have been in the world.

We have also had a recent visit from senior management, who were keen to see our latest digital purchase and the effect it was having on my service. I introduced him to a service user who often gets very frustrated and can be very difficult to engage. The service user became overstimulated initially. However, we were able to calm him down, quickly switching between the sensory apps and using the balloon pop to calmly provide engagement. My service user really enjoyed this, ended up spending far longer than we had anticipated, and the feedback I received from senior management was fantastic. Not just on how we had introduced the table to quite a complex service user but how we were able to manage behaviour through our new technology.

Overall we have been very happy with the product, Inspired Inspirations have been really supportive, and most importantly, my service users are gaining real benefits daily. I am only 4 weeks into using a Tiny Tablet in my service, but already I see a difference; I’m looking forward to seeing what else it can do.”


Maxine Roberts, Service Manager, Vivo Care Choices Chester