How to hack your client’s happy hormones with an interactive touch screen table.

Did you know that your brain can’t tell the difference between reality and an illusion? It’s true! This is why we are able to enjoy movies, television, video games, and other forms of entertainment. But what if there was a way to use this same principle in order to help people make healthier choices for […]

Choosing the Best Touch Screen Table for Seniors With Dementia

If you’re a care home manager or work with residents living with dementia or with learning disabilities you will understand the power of interaction and play. Touch screen tables allow residents to experience three primary outcomes of play including sensation, relaxation & reminiscence as outlined in recent research on the neuropathology of dementia and on […]

Touch Screen Table Raffle Winners Announced

After the overwhelming reaction from the free touch screen activity table raffle that was won in December, our directors decided that Inspired Inspirations must offer another!! After a long raffle to ensure as many care homes had the chance of winning as possible, the name was drawn at 1 pm on Monday 29th of March […]

CASE STUDY: Use of Touch Screen Tables at Blossom House Care Home.

Recently Blosson House care home completed the unbiased, independent structured reflection case study of an Inspired-Inspirations Touch Screen Table with outstanding results. You can read what Tania Edwards, Manager at Blossom House, had to say. Outcomes of note include:  Shared discussion has increased. Maintained connection and communication with community links. Two residents were able to […]

Inspired-Inspirations Featured in Care Home Management Magazine

Care Home Management magazine is essential reading for care home managers, operators and directors. It provides the latest news, features and information and has been at the forefront of the care sector for more than twenty years. This month, they featured Inspired-Inspirations stating that the Bridgnorth based enterprise “has seen increased interest among providers for […]

Inspired Inspirations’ Stewart Bates featured on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Inspired Inspirations hit the news once again as Marketing Director Stewart Bates recently chatted to Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio host Lori La Bey all about the touch screen activity tables.

Proud Suppliers of touch screen activity tables to HICA Group

The HICA Group are leading care providers in the Uk and have recently announced that each of their 17 care homes has at least one touch screen activity table provided by Inspired Inspirations. Andrew Salter, Business Support Manager at the HICA Group, said: “We have some tablets in the homes but were finding that they […]

Interactive Tables For Education

Getting the Best Interactive Touch Screen Tables for Education Are you looking for the best interactive tables for your children or studies? Getting the right solution for your children can be a little overwhelming. Different aspects, such as the display size determine whether the tables are right for the students, especially based on age. However, […]

Incredible Impact of Interactive Activity Tables on Residents Living With Dementia.

What Is An Interactive Touchscreen Table? An interactive touchscreen table is a battery-driven touch table that will give you an interrupted interaction via a tablet. It is used just like iPads or Tablets. The only difference is that the table comes with a working area and a visual impact. It is also electronically designed to […]

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