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Stella Maris Convent & Care Home

Tiny Tablet Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Stella Maris Convent & Care Home

“We bought this product for a number of reasons. Primarily it is a product that is intuitive to use, so everyone can access whatever they want without fear of not being able to use it.

We use WhatsApp and Facetime to have chats with families and friends from all over the world.

Each resident has their own file so that they can access all the items that interest them with a touch of a button.

The tablet is a huge conversation topic without even turning it on. The size, what are we looking to do with it, the games that could be played etc etc.

It’s even more fun once you get going, we watch You-tube articles and use google maps to locate places of interest. It is something that has enhanced the 1:1 experiences of the people who reside in the convent and care home.

We feel we have invested wisely and recommend the Tiny Tablet to anyone who will listen.”

Pamela Marion Davies, Manager

Stella Maris Convent & Care Home