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Interactive Touch Screen Table Specialists
Every question you have, we have an answer here.

We pride ourselves on providing great support and training. For assistance within working hours, please use the contact form below or email info@inspired-inspirations.com.

We will reply as soon as possible.

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Frequently asked questions
How much are the Tiny Tablets?

Our prices are all online, from our Facebook shop, to our online shop here on our website. Click here to see our range of tables, prices and the option to buy direct online.

What happens when I place an order?

Whether you order directly through our website, or contact us to raise an invoice for you, the process is the same. Once the table is paid for, it then heads into the manufacturing queue. Once built, it’s tested and then we make contact to confirm a delivery. When we confirm your delivery, we also send over access to our training resources and links to be able to start booking in your 121 training sessions. From order to delivery is usually quoted as 3-4 weeks, but we always aim to get your table to you within a fortnight. 

Do you deliver outside of England?

Our delivery radius by our own delivery team is the mainland UK. We can deliver to Northern Ireland and the islands off the mainland cost, which usually attracts an additional surcharge. Please call us to discuss so we can work out a personalised price.

How can I reduce in-app adverts on my interactive table?

One of the wonderful things about our touch screen tables is that almost all of the apps we recommend to enjoy are completely free!! This does however come with the downside of adverts cropping up if you are connected to the internet. We understand keeping residents’ attention while you have it is important, so we have found a solution!!

Have a look at this short video we’ve put together on how to eliminate adverts cropping up while connected to the internet on apps. We also believe it reduces Youtube ads dramatically too. https://youtu.be/bMlGEDMnjRw

How do I change the screen orientation on my touch screen table?

If you’d like to know how to fix your screen orientation on your touch screen activity table from Inspired Inspirations to landscape, just follow this short video. You can do this in under 2 minutes.

This is particularly useful if you have a High/Low touch screen activity table from us, as the screen stays physically in a landscape, however when you open some of the apps, they automatically go to the portrait orientation.

This can be frustrating for your service users.

Quite simply –

  1. Search “control screen rotation” on the Play Store
  2. Download and open the app. Allow “display over other apps”
  3. Turn this on and click back at the top left. Then go back into the app.
  4. Click cancel when asked to buy the full version.
  5. Turn on “start service” and “automatic start after reboot”.
  6. Go into “select screen orientation” and choose “landscape”.
  7. All apps should now just be landscape.
Does the Tiny Tablet come with a warranty and support package?

Yes! We provide a 1 year warranty on the battery and 3-year support and warranty plan on all other components as standard with every Tiny Tablet purchase. An extended warranty is also available. Contact us to learn more.

What training will I receive?

You will receive unlimited virtual training for your activity table as well as the initial set-up and user training when we deliver your table. Our aim is for Tiny Tablets to become vital resources throughout care, education and the wider community and that can only happen if you and your staff can utilise your activity table to its maximum potential.

Which apps are compatible with the Tiny Tablet?

Your table will come fully installed with the latest Android software which means you can download and use 100s of apps, many at no cost. For our suggested apps, check out our App of the Week feature. our training guides actually have over 200 tried and tested, engaging apps to enjoy with your service users.

Do you have any example activity plans or resources?

Yes! We are continually adding to our library of resources and example activity plans. You can find them on our product page here and in our free Facebook community here.

Are there any hidden costs or software subscriptions?

No! The only cost you may incur in the future is any premium or paid apps that you decide to use or battery repair and software updates in years to come. You are in control of these so what we quote you today is what you pay.

What if I struggle to get engagement with my service users?

Please contact us. This isn’t a problem with the product, it’s a problem with training, so we need to get you booked in for further training and iron out any challenges you’re finding. We don’t charge for our training, allowing you to book in any time you feel you need extra support, without the worry of cost.

Can you confirm “WiFi” connection can be used by the Tiny Tablets

Yes, WiFi is suitable for the tables, however you may need support from your IT dept to “allow” a new device to be connected. That just depends on your own internet security.

Are the devices fully managed, remotely, by Inspired Inspirations?

We don’t put any of our own software on to manage the tables remotely, this removes any risk of GDPR breaches and allows you full control over your device. You have a 1 year warranty on the battery and 3 years warranty on all other parts. Should a fault occur, please email us with your details and we will raise a service call for an engineer to visit.

Who will be the point of contact in the trust for any questions or faults that arise?

Please report any faults to info@inspired-inspirations.com with a description of the fault, the serial number of the table, address where it is and name and contact number of person in charge of the table there, a service call will be raised and an engineer will call to be in touch with you.

Who installs the applications and how are these managed?

We install a few apps to get you started, however you install the reminding apps you want. Within our training guides there are 200 apps which you can choose from that are currently used in healthcare and a further 90 in education. The apps we recommend are free and we would also recommend that there is a “super user” of each table/a person who is in charge of using the table best and managing the apps.

Is there any tracking to locate lost devices or remotely disable if stolen?

You’d be able to put a tracker app on, however they are very heavy and the reality of them being removed or stolen is next to zero.