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Northam Care Trust

Northam Care Trust

“We are a residential care home for adults with profound learning and physical disabilities. We have 3 lodges which we have purchased 2 Tiny Tablets for.

We have had the Tiny Tablets for just over 2 weeks, we are seeing really good results with the devices already.

Within the first few days, we saw results such as a client who is registered blind and hums when anxious had come in from a walk and was already humming and was placed in front of the tablet screen and we used the firework app to see if we could get a reaction from him, within seconds he lent forward in his chair and began tapping the screen for himself and almost instantly he was engaged and interested and the humming stopped. 

A lot of the apps we have and will be using are sensory and cause and effect apps. the koi pond Is especially a bit hit for many of our clients even if it’s just to watch. 

The device itself is very well made and the fact it is on wheels, has such a long battery life and is easily adjustable is such a benefit for our clients, as a majority of them are in wheelchairs. 

The size of these tablets is great when staff are needing to support another activity, the tablet can stay in front of the client while staff assist and everyone stays involved. As well as the fact the screen size allows for better viewing, especially for those who are visually impaired. 

We are so excited about the future with these devices, and how they will benefit the clients.”

Georgina Farrell-Roberts 

Communication and sensory co-ordinator, Northam Care Trust