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Touch Screen Activity Tables For Stroke Recovery

Enriching the lives of people recovering from a stroke

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Our touch screen tables provide a unique interactive experience and a powerful recovery tool for people recovering from a stroke in UK care homes.

A stroke often affects victims physically, psychologically and emotionally with 9 out of 10 stroke survivors have some degree of paralysis, 25 to 40% losing the ability to speak or understand speech and 1 in 4 chance of developing depression & anxiety.

The recovery of which can be dramatically aided with an interactive touch screen table.

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All interactive touch screen tables come with pre-installed brain training apps and memory apps along with a host of enjoyable games and puzzles. The large-format, easy-touch design and complete portability PLUS a wide range of options to facilitate communication make our touch screen tables a highly effective resource for stroke recovery.

You can also choose from 1000’s of other apps and download them to the table to enhance enjoyment.

All tables come with a full 3-year on-site warranty, free installation & training – To learn more about our dementia tables, reach out today!

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People recovering from a stroke can still experience three primary outcomes of play: sensation, relaxation and reminiscence ALL of which can be achieved through Residents interaction with an Inspired Inspirations touch screen table.

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Trigger & nurture positive memories and encourage learning.


Improve brain function by stimulating different areas of the mind & brain.


Ease the frustrations of communication caused by hearing or sight loss.


Encourage Residents to socialise and interact through 1000’s of activities.


Sing-a-long, dance-along and move-a-long videos and activities to encourage physical activity.


Relaxing meditation and mindfulness activities to reduce stress and aid deep restorative sleep.


Research shows that a stroke can cause progressive memory loss and impairment, however, memory for music often remains. That means that melodies can often be remembered long after names, faces and words are forgotten. Data indicates that music for residents recovering from a stroke can boost mood, reduce agitation and improve focus all of which aid recovery.

Your Residents will be able to quickly and easily access countless songs, tunes and melodies and store familiar tracks in their own private folder.

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Completely enhance your residents’ experience within your care and nursing homes.

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