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Susan Day Residential Home, Ilfracome

Tiny Tablet Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Susan Day Residential Home, Ilfracome

“We love it!

We don’t use it for games as much as you’d think. We use it more for virtual travels around the world, live streaming, video calls and one lady even used to use it for her online shipping with M&S. There’s so much you can live stream! We have been to Canada watching bears catching Salmon in the rivers and across the safaris in Africa.

The staff use it also for training, we’ve had external trainers come in and cast from their screen to use it for a more interactive meeting.

it really is a great bit of kit.

We had one lady who had a stroke, she complete lost verbal abilities. She would have to communicate in other ways. We put the piano app on to see how she would engage and she played the most beautiful song. We had no idea she was a pianist!

We have had the Tiny Tablet for 3 years and really do love it, it’s used daily! We have done in house training for other care homes to visit and learn, they have also bought Tiny Tablets since seeing the benefits, we actively recommend anyone in a care setting to have a Tiny Tablet.“

Wendy Gammon, Carer

Susan Day Residential Home, Ilfracome