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Beech Lodge Care Home, Peterborough

Tiny Tablet Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Beech Lodge Care Home, Peterborough

“Absolutely loving it!

If you can use a tablet or a mobile phone, you can use this. It’s that easy and that’s how I describe it to the other staff members who might be hesitant.

The residents love it! It’s not the residents who engage in normal activities who I wanted this for, it’s the people who don’t engage in my normal activities. We do a lot of baking, flower arranging and art work, with some residents just not wanting to be involved. My idea for the Tiny Tablet was to have a huge range of activities in one unit which I could take to the more difficult to engage.

I have one lady who never engages in any activity, however I have had an amazing experience with her on Google Earth. I spent an hour with her going back to where she used to live and we went on a virtual tour in the area. Other staff members were shocked to see her so well engaged, chatting away and enjoying herself.

Recently it was international Chess day, which usually we would just get the boards out. This year we used the tablet and downloaded a Chess app too. It was great to see people who wouldn’t usually play have a go. Even those who find using their fine motor skills a challenge were able to get involved and the app even showed those who’d never played chess before, possible moves,

Some would say that the Tiny tablets are only for individual use, we have already started group activities, the other day we all enjoyed a group quiz!

The Tiny Tablet is also fantastic for Sensory games. Residents who might not be physically able to enjoy other activities are able to set fireworks off, swirls colours around the screen and create a visually engaging experience.

I would 1,000,000% recommend any care setting to buy Tiny Tablets by Inspired Inspirations!“

Jodie Clayton, Head of Well Being & Activities

Beech Lodge Care Home, Peterborough