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Interactive Touch Screen Table Specialists
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Industry Specialists With a Service Focus.

At Inspired Inspirations, we’re more than just a supplier of Tiny Tablet touch screen activity tables – we’re part of the Tiny Tablet family. Our owners, John and Stewart, have been involved with these tables since their inception and have worked in over 1,200 care and education settings themselves. They specialise in some of the most challenging scenarios and have dedicated their careers to improving the lives of those in care and special education through app-based touch screen technology.

Now, with our virtual services, we’re able to extend that expertise to customers up and down the UK. Whether you’re looking for an initial demonstration, 1-2-1 aftercare training, or group training seminars, we’re here to help. We’re proud to offer swift access to our diaries to help you get the most out of our Tiny Tablets with service users of all needs, all while keeping our carbon footprint low.

To discuss how our Tiny Tablets can enhance the daily care and learning of your service users through app-based engagement, simply book a video call with us at a time that suits you. Our team is ready to work with you to ensure the best possible outcomes for your service users.

Meet the Owners!

About John – John’s journey with Inspired Inspirations and Tiny Tablet started in the factory on the day of the first-ever Tiny Tablet. Alongside his friend Gavin, they created the very first prototype, which was out visiting care homes that very afternoon.

John’s passion for improving the lives of those in care soon developed, with a focus on interactive app-based games that brought energy to every care home lounge he visited. His ability to find media and activities that were enticing to each person he met was always a special moment for John.

About Stewart – Stewart joined the business 5 years ago, is the brother in law of John and brings a wealth of sales & marketing experience from previous roles. Since joining the business, he has been instrumental in establishing the Tiny Tablet as the leading touch screen activity table in a variety of competitive markets.

Stewart is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and has a special talent for engaging those who may otherwise be difficult to reach. He loves using sensory apps and personalised learning to bring joy and a sense of accomplishment to every individual he works with in care or educational settings.

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We featured on the very first Care Tech Guide podcast!



Welcome to the first episode of “Meet The Care Tech Suppliers,” hosted by Liam Palmer, the driving force behind the Care Tech Guide. In this inaugural episode, Liam sits down with Stewart Bates, co-owner of Inspired Inspirations, to delve into the inspiring journey behind their success.


  • Unfiltered Industry Insights: Liam provides a no-nonsense look into the care tech industry, helping providers navigate technology suppliers with confidence.
  • Inspired Inspirations’ Story: Learn how Stewart and his team have built a company known for its passion, ethics, and commitment to improving care through innovative technology.
  • Challenges and Triumphs: Gain a behind-the-scenes perspective on the obstacles and achievements that have shaped Inspired Inspirations.
  • Future of Care Tech: Discover what lies ahead for the care technology landscape and how it will impact both providers and recipients.

This episode is essential viewing for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and care services. Tune in to gain valuable insights and be inspired by the future of care tech.

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2023 NAPA Member Awards: Activity Personality Of The Year
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Industry Specialists With a Service Focus.

John and Stewart have personally visited over 1,200 care and education settings, working with service users of all physical and cognitive needs. This hands-on experience has been invaluable in both the development of Inspired Inspirations as a business, most importantly the quality of the product and service you receive.

The Inspired Inspirations team have perfected training plans in all 4 of the focus sectors including; residential & daycare, preschool, Special Education Needs (SEN), as well as sheltered accommodation & libraries.

They aim to provide the very best and most robust touch screen activity table, coupled with the most comprehensive resources and training materials, to ensure service users get the very best from their Tiny Tablets.


We deliver free virtual demos where we will walk you through the easy install, set up & usability to showcase how our touch screen tables drammatically enhance your care home & education activities.


Our tables use high-quality components and are finished in an easy to clean, safe and durable finish that not only looks great functions extremely well too.


Including the latest Android software to allow complete customisation plus an extensive range of apps & activities from sensory brain training to entertainment, game, music & even video calling.


Flat, clean surfaces and an easy-to-clean finish allows your residents and staff to remain safe and maintain COVID compliance by restricting the transmission of germs and viruses.


Installation and usability are often the most common worry with technology, we'll have your interactive table up and running in minutes with all the that suit your needs.


Specially designed for ageing hands and diminishing vision, our interactive touch screens boast a simple user interface design with large icons and intuitive usability.

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