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Transform Dementia Care with Touch Screen Activity Tables

Interactive Touch Screen Table Specialists

Unlock the Power of Touch Screen Technology for Dementia Care – FREE EBOOK


Why Download This E-Book?


  • Comprehensive Guide: Learn about the transformative impact of touch screen activity tables in dementia care.
  • Person-Centred Care: Explore strategies to tailor care to the unique needs and preferences of each person you care for.
  • Innovative Engagement: Find out how these tools can enhance engagement, reduce agitation, and improve overall well-being.


What You Will Learn:


  • Introduction to Dementia Care and Engagement
    • Importance of person-centred care
    • Challenges in engaging people with dementia
  • Transformative Power of Touch Screen Activity Tables
    • Benefits of sensory stimulation
    • How these tables enhance social interaction
  • Holistic Engagement Strategies
    • Personalised media engagement
    • Fast, varied, and engaging activities
  • Incorporating Technology into Therapy Sessions
    • Using YouTube for music therapy
    • Google Earth for reminiscence therapy


Benefits of Using Touch Screen Activity Tables:


  • Enhanced Cognitive Health: Stimulate cognitive functions with interactive and engaging activities.
  • Reduced Isolation: Encourage social interaction and connection with family and community.
  • Improved Quality of Life: Provide a sense of achievement and purpose through tailored activities.

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