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Rosebery Centre for Dementia Care

Rosebery Centre for Dementia Care

“I am the manager at a Dementia day center, we purchased one of the tables 2 weeks ago. I had a demo with Stewart that was great and I decided to go ahead and buy.
We as a staff team did not realise the impact it would have on our members due to their poor memory.
I am happy to say we are delighted with the purchase. Our members were easily able to navigate with the support of the team. We have played many games, and quizzes, some are doing jigsaws, and some are doing reminiscence of their childhood homes/areas growing up.
It truly is a great addition to our daily activities. I am so happy we went ahead with the purchase. We have a lady who is 104, partially blind and she was able to get some fun from the table!
If you’re thinking of buying, I would say go ahead, it’s money well spent!”

Anne Marson, Manager, Rosebery Centre for Dementia Care