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A Year in Review: 2021

Year in review for Interactive Tables For Education

A Year in Review: 2021

Over the last few years, we have really focussed on creating the very best products possible with Tiny Tablet while backing it up with first-class service and support to ensure your service users have maximum engagement with our tables. 2021 has been our most successful year to date and in this short post, we reflect on the year and look forward to 2022.

Prior to the development of the Tiny Tablet touch screen activity tables providing stimulating activities for people with dementia and those with special needs was difficult.

We have worked hard for the Inspired Inspirations brand to become commonplace in the care and education industries and our touch screen activity tables now provide a fun way to keep ten’s of thousands of residents engaged, active, and stimulated while also providing 1000’s of caregivers the ability to monitor their progress.

As we look forward to 2022, we will continue to develop great products that are not only designed for maximum engagement but also support companies with staff training and after-sales support.

We wish to thank all our customers in 2021 and look forward to meeting new customers in 2022. – The Inspired Inspirations Team

About the Tiny Tablet

This touchscreen table allows users to play games designed specifically for seniors or individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease. The tablet is easy-to-use, featuring an extra-large touch screen that is simple enough for even the most challenged user to understand. Plus it is portable so you can take it anywhere! Learn more on our homepage here


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