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[Free Resources] How to Prevent & Manage Challenging Behaviour

[Free Resources] How to Prevent & Manage Challenging Behaviour

We are extremely fortunate to work so closely with you lovely folk in care and hear some wonderful stories about how our Tiny Tablets are making the world of difference to your service users.
On the other hand, we get so many calls a week from those who’ve ordered similar products elsewhere and haven’t been given any advice on best practices.
We do try to help where we can, but I’m sure it can be appreciated that our clients do come first and providing a top-quality service is paramount to what’s expected from us.
This is where we have been able to put together rafts of information in our Project Well-Being training plan.
One of the most popular elements is how to manage challenging behaviour and prevention techniques to reduce instances of challenging behaviour, rather than trying to cure when instances do arise.
Please see below the leaflet, as well as shots from our “How to Hack your Happy Hormones” video, and a couple of fantastic sites which have also helped us gather this information.

Managing Signs of Challenging Behavior

Additional Resources:

[Slide Deck] How to Hack Happy Hormones

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