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The Ultimate Engagement Ensemble

£295.00 Ex. VAT


Introducing The Ultimate Engagement Ensemble – your all-in-one package for deepening the day-to-day engagement within your care environment. This premium bundle has been thoughtfully assembled to meet the varied interests and needs of the people you care for, blending cutting-edge technology with captivating, interactive content to offer an enriching experience that goes beyond the norm.

What’s Included:

  • The 2024 Interactive Calendar: Make every day a unique celebration with our bespoke calendar featuring a rich tapestry of cultural, religious, scientific, sporting, historic, and political events. It’s crafted to foster discussion, reminisce, and mentally stimulate the individuals in your care. This dynamic calendar serves as your daily roadmap to heartfelt connections and engaging activities.
  • Project Well-Being Book: Bursting with innovative ideas, this highly-regarded resource boosts the confidence of your team, enabling them to weave technology into the fabric of daily well-being with ease and creativity. It’s packed with tried-and-true activities that utilise technological tools to enrich life in your care setting.
  • HDMI Sound Bar: Amplify your Tiny Tablet activities with concert hall quality sound. This elegant sound bar provides exceptional audio clarity, bringing a rich depth to every session, from musical reminiscence to film viewings, ensuring an immersive sensory experience.
  • Easy Grip Stylus Pens (Set of 3): Tailored for inclusive interaction, these stylus pens are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable hold for those who may struggle with conventional touchscreens, allowing every person the chance to navigate the Tiny Tablet effortlessly.
  • Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones: Ideal for personalised sessions, these headphones offer a sanctuary of sound, enveloping the user in their choice of audio, be it music, stories, or cinema, without outside interruption.
  • Pedal Exerciser: Invite active participation with our user-friendly pedal exerciser. It’s a fun and accessible way to incorporate physical movement into daily routines, enhancing virtual excursions by turning them into interactive cycling adventures.

Features & Benefits:

  • Endless Inspiration: With 366 days of planned activities, there’s always a fresh and meaningful way to spark joy and curiosity.
  • Universal Accessibility: Each tool and piece of technology is chosen to accommodate a broad spectrum of capabilities and preferences.
  • Mental Enrichment: The content is designed to evoke treasured memories and encourage meaningful conversation.
  • Promoted Wellness: The pedal exerciser invites low-impact exercise to support overall health and well-being.
  • Empowerment Through Technology: Equip your team with the expertise to integrate innovative technology into everyday care effortlessly.
  • Customised Interactions: The headphones and stylus pens allow for a tailored touch, giving each individual a unique way to engage with their preferred media.

Welcome the world into the hearts and hands of those you care for with The Ultimate Engagement Ensemble, where daily life is filled with discovery and technology complements caring compassion. Add this ensemble to your care home’s offerings and witness the transformation of routine activities into moments of wonder and connection.


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