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Choosing the Best Touch Screen Table for Seniors With Dementia

Elder playing on interactive touch screen table

Choosing the Best Touch Screen Table for Seniors With Dementia

If you’re a care home manager or work with residents living with dementia or with learning disabilities you will understand the power of interaction and play. Touch screen tables allow residents to experience three primary outcomes of play including sensation, relaxation & reminiscence as outlined in recent research on the neuropathology of dementia and on the science of play.

Dementia is the most common form of cognitive impairment – affecting one in six people over 65 years old. The impact on the person with dementia is varied but may be present in different capacities such as memory loss, difficulty communicating and changes in personality. The impact on the caregiver can also be significant – becoming frustrated by what seems like a lack of response to caregiving efforts or feeling overwhelmed by having too much responsibility for someone else’s health needs. This is where touchscreen tables come in.

Introduction to Touch Table Technology

Touch screen tables facilitate a whole host of activities and allow dementia patients and care home residents to explore and interact with the world around them, including what’s happening in their environment. This engagement can offer a sense of empowerment when residents are able to do things they couldn’t before such as using an app that lets them see themselves on TV. The touch screen table also provides activities for dementia patients who might otherwise become bored or agitated.

The best touch screen table for seniors with dementia is the one that will specifically meet their needs. Seniors are often looking for a tablet or computer to help them stay connected and engaged, but they aren’t as capable of using these devices as they used to be. Here’s how you can find the perfect device for your residents.

The Interactive Touch Table Screen

A touch screen table for seniors with dementia needs to be large enough that they can reach the whole surface of it. The best touchscreen tables have 10 point touch technology which means they can use all their fingers to control and interact with it. You may need a larger multi-touch monitor for care homes, but you’ll also want one with high resolution so it’s easy to see and read, clean and that is durable enough to take any potential knocks.

Touch Table Construction

Any table you consider should be well constructed using quality materials and the latest touch technology. Low budget tables are mains fed using power cable which presents trip hazards, not great for care homes. The small additional cost of quality touchscreen tables such as the care home edition supplied by Inspired-Inspirations has a built-in battery pack with 8-hour battery life. Ensure your table has rounded edges and is easily portable.

Battery life

In-built power packs on portable touch, tables are another important consideration for any care home. Battery life can vary between supplies from 3.5 hours up to our care home edition models with 8 hours of play and interaction time as standard.

Interactive Touchscreen Tables Apps & Software

Touchscreen tables are designed to be interactive and fun. There’s no need for residents with dementia to feel alone or isolated, as touch tables can provide them with a sense of purpose and entertainment!

With 100’s of apps from brain training apps to video call capabilities, your touch screen table should have the most up to date android technology. ensuring you always have access to a range of activities such as:

  • Fit lessons
  • Brain training apps
  • Sing-alongs
  • Video call family members
  • Quizzes
  • Individual or group activities
  • Watching films

Not just ideal for residents, but great for staff members and family visits too!

Inspired-Inspirations is an award-winning supplier of touch screen technology and specialises in care home interactive tables. We have provided touch screen tables to over 800 care homes and hospitals across the UK, with a bespoke systems tailored for dementia sufferers and specifically created for care homes and dementia patients in mind.

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